Pickup Vs. Farm Equipment
By Career Staff J McCully
January 17, 2020

Ambulance 89-1 was dispatched along with the Twin Valley Fire Department and Paramedic 193 to the 4300 block of Main Street for a vehicle accident. Chester County dispatch advised the accident was involving a piece of farming equipment VS a pickup truck with multiple patients, Ambulance 89-1 requested an additional ambulance to respond to the scene. Ambulance 89-1 arrived on location and began immediate patient care with Rescue 69 arriving moments after with their crew assisting in removal of one of the patients and securing the accident scene. Ambulance 244 arrived and began treatment / transport of the second patient involved, both patients were transported to the hospital. Twin Valley remained on scene for clean-up.

Photos courtesy of EMT J. McCully

Units: Ambulance 89-1
Mutual Aid: Rescue 69 - Chief 69 - Paramedic 193 - Caernarvon Police - Ambulance 244