House Fire in Warwick
By Career Staff J McCully
January 22, 2020

15:21hrs - Ambulance 89-1 was dispatched to assist the Twin Valley Fire Department along with Ridge (62), Lionville (47) and Monarch (B6) in Warwick Township to Hawthorn Circle for a reported house fire. Ambulance 89-1 made the immediate response and began receiving reports from Chester County 911 dispatch that there was black smoke pouring from the residence and the house had been evacuated.

Ambulance 89-1 advised the responding Engine 69-1 that there was a column of smoke visible from Rt. 23, this report brought the upgrade of the first alarm assignment and tanker task force. Ambulance 89-1 arrived on location at 15:34 with Lieutenant Eno advising smoke and fire showing from the bravo side of the house. The EMS crew received a report from a TVFD Firefighter who had arrived on location that the occupant along with the family dog was safely evacuated from the residence, the EMS crew made contact with the home owner and found him not to need any medical interventions. At this time Engine 69-1 arrived on location and began fire suppression on the residence. While battling the blaze a firefighter suffered injuries when he partially fell through the first floor, he was quickly caught by two firefighters from TVFD and taken outside to the EMS crew, the firefighter decided to be transported to a local hospital for precautionary evaluation.

The blaze was brought under control, with all companies clearing the scene available at 18:53hrs.

Photos courtesy of Lt C. Eno & EMT J. McCully

Units: Ambulance 89-1
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