Vehicle Accident Involving Fire
By Career Staff J. McCully
December 21, 2018

17:13hrs - Ambulance 89-2 along with paramedic 193 were dispatched to assist Ridge Fire Company (Station 62) with a vehicle accident involving fire on Ridge Road at Mount Pleasant Road. Assistant 62 arrived on location of the accident advising a full involved mini-van, with Pennsylvania State Troopers advising incoming Fire / EMS that live ammunition rounds were going off in the vehicle. Firefighters from Ridge quickly arrived on location putting the fire under control, luckily no injuries occurred to the occupants involved in the crash or responding emergency responders. Ambulance 89-2 and paramedic 193 cleared the scene at 17:40hrs with Ridge FD remaining on location along with PSP for scene clean up.

Photos Courtesy Of EMT J. McCully

Units: 89-2
Mutual Aid: Ridge Fire Co - Pennsylvania State Police - Paramedic 193