Vehicle vs. Tree
By Career Staff J McCully
May 25, 2020

5/24/20 at 20:32hrs - Ambulance 89-1 was dispatched along with paramedic 193 to assist North Coventry Fire Department (64) and two MICU’s from Montgomery 329 (Pottstown) to an accident with entrapment in the 2400 block of Saint Peters Road in the area of the bad curve. Chester County dispatch reported a vehicle vs. tree with 2 unconscious trapped in the vehicle. A 3rd patient was reported walking around with a fractured arm.

Ambulance 89-1 made the immediate response, Deputy 64 arrived on location updating wa single vehicle into a tree with 1 subject confirmed with a fractured arm, one female subject laying in a driveway with a possible arm fracture, and one trapped in the vehicle. Ambulance 89-1 arrived on location and started an immediate assessment on the two subjects still in the vehicle. It was determined that there was no entrapment, however due to injuries the subject needed removed from the vehicle. The crew of ambulance 89-1 along with paramedic 193 and the firefighters from 64 removed the patient from the vehicle. The additional ambulances from 329 arrived during this time and assisted the other victims, all 3 patients were taken to a local hospital with injuries.

Ambulance 89-1 cleared the call at 23:14hrs.

Photos courtesy of EMT J. McCully

Units: Ambulance 89-1
Mutual Aid: Paramedic 193 - Chief 64 - Deputy 64 - Assistant 64 - Engine 64-5 - Rescue 64 - MICU 329-9 - MICU 329-23 - MICU 329-28 - Traffic 64