2 vehicle crash on Morgantown Road
By Career Staff J McCully
November 18, 2020

13:37hrs - Ambulance 89-1 along with paramedic 193 was dispatched to assist the Twin Valley Fire Department to Morgantown Rd and Shiloh Road for an accident. Ambulance 89-1 arrived on location simultaneously with Chief 69 and Ladder 69 which had just cleared an automatic fire alarm in the district. Responders found a 2 vehicle accident with one subject injured. Ambulance 89-1 and paramedic 193 transported the patient. TVFD cleared debris from the roadway.

Photos courtesy of EMT J. McCully

Units: 89-1
Mutual Aid: Paramedic 193 - Chief 69 - Deputy 69 - Ladder 69 -Rescue 69 - Caernarvon Police