Cathie Rawlings Retires after 44 years in EMS
By Lieutenant J. McCully
March 13, 2021

EHBEMS would like to congratulate pre-hospital registered nurse and nationally registered paramedic Cathie Rawlings on her retirement after 44 years of EMS!

Cathie’s life in EMS began in 1976 while she was living in Chalfont, Bucks County. Her apartment was right behind the firehouse, so close that she could run to the station. Even as a young child growing up in Radnor, Delaware County she loved chasing fire trucks. Moving to East Whiteland Township, she joined the East Whiteland Fire Company (Station 5) where she became an EMT, then quickly becoming ambulance captain which she held until 1980 when she moved to western Chester County.

She enrolled in Paramedic school in 1982 at St. Joseph’s Hospital in Lancaster County after hearing the rumblings that Chester County would soon be bringing Advanced Life Support to the residents of Chester County. Cathie was hired by Brandywine Hospital in 1982 as a newly graduated paramedic. She also flew with AeroMedix , the helicopter program which were based out of Brandywine Hospital along with a few flights with SkyFlightCare.

She decided to return to school in 1993 at the urging of her partner Craig Shaffer (PHRN, NRP) whom had just completed nursing school, Cathie say’s this was “the best decision I ever made”. Craig and Cathie were partners for an astonishing 32 years, not including 6 years as her relief for the night shift!

In 2012 Cathie was recruited by John Edwards, Chief of the East Brandywine Fire Company (Station 49) to take the role as EMS director to coordinate their QRS, in 2019 Cathie turned the position over to Greg Kohlmaier, however she continues to be active in the department.

Outside of Emergency Services, Cathie is happily married with 2 son’s whom are grown, with 2 grandchildren who live nearby that she enjoys spending time with. She has a beautiful home on Lake Naomi in the Pocono mountains that she shares with her siblings. To satisfy her creative side. Cathie has a garage full of woodworking machines and tools where she creates beautiful projects and brings new life to old furniture. Cathie loves going to auctions, yard sales and even finding random items placed in bulk trash pickup to refurbish.

The officers and board of directors of EHBEMS have a few words we’d like to share….

Cathie is a great clinician, teacher and friend. Her dedication is unmatched and she will be sorely missed! Thank you for all the years of unmatched service in caring for the people of our area. Your retirement is well deserved, enjoy it! - Chief J. Carmen

Cathie has been a staple in pre-hospital care in Chester County for close to 5 decades. She has advanced EMS as a whole and saved countless lives. Cathie, I wish you the best retirement and I congratulate you on all the years of service. Now enjoy time with your grandchildren. - Captain C. Dunlap

Cathie…I am glad to call her both a mentor and friend. Always fun to be around, I knew it was going to be a good shift when she would walk into the station. I’d always feel relief when I would see Medic 93 / 193 arrive on a call and would see Cathie get out of the truck. With her no question was too big, too small or too dumb. I never saw her get too excited on a call, and that’s a good thing. She has been a staple with Medic 93 for decades and she is one of the few remaining members of Medic 93 that was on the street when I started my career over 30 years ago (Yes, I’m that old!). Every time I see a Grateful Dead item, or a yard sale, or a piece of old furniture, I will think of her. I want to wish her all the best and a long and happy retirement. I hope I can see her out and about, she will be sorely missed! - Lieutenant C. Eno

Cathie has made a significant impact in my career, more then she probably realizes. I feel truly blessed to have been able to work with her, learn from her and spend time with her over the many years I’ve known her. Calm, knowledge, dignity, respect, empathy these are all words that come to my mind when thinking about Cathie. Compassion being the one I think might ring true most of all, she treated everyone with genuine compassion, she never lost the ability for compassion during her entire career. There are so many residents of this county that are, no doubt alive and well today as a result of Cathie Rawlings. Enjoy your very well deserved retirement and thank you for everything both professionally & personally! - Lieutenant J. McCully

Thank you for your dedication, professionalism, and years of selfless service. EMS is a calling, thank you for answering that call. Enjoy your retirement! - Executive Director Steven Bobella

Cathie is one of the great ones, a provider who took many of us, including me, under her wing and mentored us as new EMT’s. Her knowledge, experience, and caring will be missed in her retirement, but her influence will continue on, through us, as we serve our community. We wish her well as she enters a new chapter in her life - Board Of Director Member Steven Jones

Finally… in Cathie’s own words “I will miss so many of the friends I have met during my EMS career, but I will stay very busy in my retirement. My true love will ALWAYS be medicine, and my 38+ years on Medic 93! Now enjoying time with my family, wood working projects and traveling the country is on my agenda, life is full for me.”

Once again we offer our most heartfelt congratulations on your retirement Cathie, we will all miss you! Thank you for all the years of service, dedication and hard work. With love and respect - Your family at EHBEMS