Single Vehicle Off Roadway
By Lieutenant J McCully
July 11, 2021

12:50hrs - Ambulance 89-1 dispatched along with TVFD and QRS 73 for an auto accident, reported as a vehicle into a ditch with unknown injuries. Ambulance 89-1 arrived on location to confirm the report of one vehicle off the roadway into a swamp area off the shoulder of the roadway. EMS found the driver with no injuries, property damage only. TVFD provided traffic control. A tow truck brought the vehicle back onto the roadway and the driver was able to drive the vehicle from the scene.

Photos courtesy of Safety 69: A. Spangler (TVFD) & EMT K. McCarthy

Units: Ambulance 89-1
Mutual Aid: Rescue 69 - QRS & Chief 73 - PSP.