Accident on Morgantown Rd.
By Lieutenant J McCully
August 27, 2021

06:28hrs - Ambulance 89-1 we’re dispatched to assist TVFD for a motor vehicle accident on Morgantown Rd / Quarry Rd, reported to be 2 vehicles blocking. Ambulance 89-1 arrived on location simultaneously with Lieutenant 89-23 to confirm the report of a two vehicle crash with one vehicle in the middle of the intersection blocking.

EMS crew evaluated the subjects involved in the crash while firefighters from TVFD cleared debris, controlled fluids and directed traffic. The subjects involved refused treatment / transport with no injuries.

All units available at 07:07hrs.

Photos courtesy of Lt. J. McCully

Units: Ambulance 89-1
Mutual Aid: Rescue 69 - Squad 69 - Caernarvon PD