Tree Falls On Occupied Vehicle
April 28, 2022

18:00hrs - EHBEMS was alerted to assist the Caernarvon Fire Co with a reported auto accident with entrapment on Twin County Rd at Shirktown Rd, Rescue 33 (Honey Brook FC) and paramedic 193 (Tower Health) were also dispatched.

Additional information reported a tree had fallen due to the windy conditions in the area today on a vehicle trapping the occupants of the vehicle inside, Ambulance 189-1, Ambulance 89-1, Paramedic 193 and Captain’s 89-21 & 89-22 made the immediate response upon dispatch. All EMS units arrived on location to find a single SUV with damage from a fallen tree that had struck the front of the vehicle, firefighters had secured the vehicle and were in the process of clearing the debris from the roadway.

Ambulance 189-1 transported 2 patients from the vehicle to the hospital, Ambulance 89-1, Paramedic 193 and the EHBEMS Captains went available on scene to handle any additional possible emergencies in the local.

Photos courtesy of Captain J. McCully

Units: Ambulance 189-1 - Ambulance 89-1 - Captain 89-21 - Captain 89-22
Mutual Aid: Paramedic 193 - Rescue 33 - Deputy 33 - Chief 33 - Caenarvon FC