Community CPR
By EMS Chief/Director of Operations Matthew Welch
December 11, 2022

Community outreach is a vital part of any public safety entity. One of the best things we can do is help get training and education into the community. Pastor Ron and the Congregation at Living God Lutheran Church invited Elverson Honey Brook EMS into their church for a CPR and AED demonstration after Sunday services. Chief Welch and EMT Rodgers were able to demonstrate hands-only CPR and the use of their own AED for many members of the congregation. Following an overview of CPR basics and AED use, members of the congregation asked questions about CPR and EMS in general. It is always a joy for EMS to be able to interact with the community outside of an emergency and opportunities like this help us to spread information and make community resources available.

If you have a community organization that would like EMS to discuss CPR, First Aid, Stop the Bleed, or any other community medical issues please email us at