St. Peters Rescue on Valentines Day
By EMS Chief/Director of Operations Matthew Welch
February 24, 2023

On February 14th, 2023 Elverson Honey Brook Area EMS Station 89, along with TowerDIRECT MICU 93 were dispatched to St. Peters for a rescue. Crews went responding immediately with Chief 89 responding to assist. They arrived on scene to find the patient down a 6-8 foot drop to the river with a tractor found in the river. It was reported that the patient and tractor rolled down the hill coming to rest on the river bank. Crews requested additional resources with assistance from Twin Valley Fire Department as well as the TowerDIRECT Critical Care responder. Treatment began in place while the appropriate resources were assembled to safely move the patient. Lieutenant Motter and EMT Smith along with Tower Medics provided clinical care while the resources for moving the patient were set by additional responders on scene. The patient was transported to a local Trauma center.

These multi-agency responses showcase the professionalism of the emergency services in the area. Rapid response, strong teamwork, and a commitment to patient care and comfort are all part of what makes a strong public safety community. We wish the injured party a speedy recovery!

Units: AMB89, MIC93, 89-20, TVFD, TD Critcial Care